Cabling and Business Communication Services

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Copper Solutions

  • CAT 5e
  • CAT 6
  • CAT 6a
  • Patch Panels
  • 66/110 Blocks
  • HDMI Cables
  • 25 Pair Copper Feeder Cables
  • 50 Pair Copper Feeder Cables
  • 100 Pair Copper Feeder Cables
  • Demarcation Point ISDN Extensions
  • Demarcation Point Copper Feeder Extensions
  • Outside Plant (OSP) Applications

Fiber Optic Solutions

  • Single Mode 50/125 µm
  • Multi Mode 62.5/125 µm
  • ST SC LC and more…
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Cable Testing

Our service professionals are highly qualified, trained installers and technicians with the ability to provide complete testing and certification of all cable.

Removal of Abandoned Cable

Section 800.52(B) of the 2002 National Electrical Code (NEC) states: “The accessible portion of abandoned communications cables shall not be permitted to remain.” Additionally, Section 800.52(1) of the 2005 NEC states that “abandoned cables in vertical runs shall be removed.” FlexCom Solutions, Inc. can provide that removal service for you and, with our thorough testing ability, we guarantee only abandoned cable is removed.

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Security Cabling

While we are running your data cables, contract us out to also run your low voltage security cables. Economically speaking, kill two birds with one stone!

Business Communications Solutions

VOIP Business Phone Systems

Hosted PBX is a Cloud based phone system for businesses that use Voice Over the Internet Protocol. This solution provides a customer with the flexibility to access “seats” which are usually purchased on a monthly basis. This solution can be scaled up and down as needed. There is zero capital expenditure involved. We offer a variety of different VOIP phone systems to fit your business needs.

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business internet and voice services

Business Internet and Voice Services

We represent over 50 reputable Internet carriers and can assist you in shopping for the right Internet service for your business at the right price.

  • Fiber
  • Ethernet
  • MPLS
  • DSL
  • Cable Modems
  • Ethernet WAN
  • VPLS
  • and more..